Who is Mark Totnes?

totnesMark Totnes is a 47-year old relationship counselor located in Birmingham, UK. After a rocky love life in his youth that ended in a happy marriage, Mark has all the experience he needs of the ups and downs of relationships to provide others with excellent and sympathetic advice. People come to him with crises and minor problems, and he always has something to say to alleviate a troubled relationship. Besides offering private consultations, Mark regularly publishes articles about relationships, love and marriage on his website and blog.

In his free time, Mark spends time with his wife and two daughters. Mark’s wife is a part-time yoga instructor, so he attends her lessons sometimes. His daughters, aged 11 and 14, have diverse interests ranging from sports to theatre and fashion. Mark encourages his daughters in pursuing their passions and hopes that they will be spared from the kinds of relationship difficulties that his clients have.