7 secrets to a long lasting marriage – Part ll

Let’s continue with the second part of the secrets to a long lasting marriage.

4. Respect

Love changes over time in a relationship. Respect is one constant in a long and happy marriage. Respecting your spouse’s feelings and decisions, even if you don’t agree with them, strengthens your bond. Make sure your partner knows that you always value having them in your life.
Show your love to your spouse with spontaneous little gifts for no particular reason other to say ‘Thank you for being in my life and making me feel good’. When there is a date to be celebrated, put some real thought and effort into the gift you choose so that your partner understands it as a symbol of your everlasting love.

5. Pick your fights

argument-238529_640If you’re going to “fight to be right” in your relationship, you’re not going to be happy and your behaviour will lead to resentment. Pick your battles and decide if something is really worth arguing over. If laundry is left on the floor, put an extra laundry basket in other rooms instead of getting upset. Find your own solutions for things that irritate you and remember that there are some things you do that irritate your spouse in equal measure.

6. Compromise

Find a middle-ground that you both agree with when you can’t agree on the way forward in some situations. It’s a strength in a relationship to be able to compromise, it is not a weakness. Your commitment to your marriage also means that you must be prepared to put your partner’s happiness before your own at times. It’s known as ‘Give and Take’.

7. Be light-hearted

Marriage isn’t all work! Don’t take yourself too seriously and keep things light-hearted. It is likely that when you first met it was your sense of humour that endeared you to your spouse, so don’t lose it. You’ll get through the ups and downs of marriage much easier without feeling burned out or depressed.