How to Build Trust in a Relationship? – Part ll

Last month we published the first part of an article about the trust between partners.  Have a look at part II on how to build trust in your relationship and start following them if you want to enjoy your relationship.

Always tell the truth

couple-1226163_1280You should never keep anything hidden because nothing should be privileged from the other. You should understand that very sooner everything will come to light and so the results of not being truthful will ruin your trust and relationship. If you did a mistake, let your fiancé know because when you tell the truth there is more likelihood of being forgiven and trusted.

Leave your lover’s phone alone

This is what is killing trust and relationship nowadays. If both of you have code words on your cellphone then it indicate that there is no trust among you. Since privacy is important, it doesn’t indicate that your cellphone should be protected. If you have true trust then the other person will always respect your privacy.

Keep your promises

You should always keep your promises because trust goes both ways. If won’t expect your fiancé to be dependable if you’re not. Be accountable if you want to show your lover that you’re trustworthy. For instance, if you tell her that you’ll call before breakfast, then pick up your phone before you start tucking in.

Building trust takes more time and you need to maintain your true colors such that your partner will be reassured that you’ll be his/her bank of secrets. You need to show your reality and over time, you will establish trust. By following the above tips, your fiancé will always have confidence in you and know that he/she have someone who will be there for her/his life until end. Never camouflage because you’ll never be trusted for the rest of your life and this is not good. Always know that trust play a major role in your relationship than just keeping peace.