Park Wedding Celebration

Celebrating the devotion and marriage to your spouse is such a special event that you want to do it the right way. Every detail needs to share the same joy that you share with the love of your life. For instance, if you met your spouse at the park then why not go back to that same park and throw your wedding anniversary celebration there. […]

7 secrets to a long lasting marriage – Part ll

Let’s continue with the second part of the secrets to a long lasting marriage. 4. Respect Love changes over time in a relationship. Respect is one constant in a long and happy marriage. Respecting your spouse’s feelings and decisions, even if you don’t agree with them, strengthens your bond. Make sure your partner knows that you always value having them in your life. Show your love […]

7 secrets to a long lasting marriage – Part l

It’s not possible to say exactly what you should and shouldn’t do to ensure your marriage is long and happy and free of conflict or pain. Everyone has to experience their own journey in life, and that’s not always easy. Here are some advice from couples who have successfully navigated the sometimes rocky road of marriage. 1. Give time, time When you’re married you take […]

How to Build Trust in a Relationship? – Part ll

Last month we published the first part of an article about the trust between partners.  Have a look at part II on how to build trust in your relationship and start following them if you want to enjoy your relationship. Always tell the truth You should never keep anything hidden because nothing should be privileged from the other. You should understand that very sooner everything will come to light […]

How to Build Trust in a Relationship? – Part l

If you want to have the happiest and most satisfying relationships, then you don’t have any option but have implicit trust to your partner. Both of you must know how to trust each other, but we’re not referring to being sexually faithful, because there’s even more to it than just that. If there’s trust between partners, you’ll be forgiving and forget one’s mistake, but if […]